Flying Wood Termites

Flying termites actually come from under the ground.

Flying wood termites. Termites were formerly placed in the order isoptera. Flying termites differ in appearance from other flying insects and can be identified by examining them closely. The flying termites are the beginning of the infestation so it is also the time to find about termite control.

These flying termites are seen during swarming season which is when they reproduce. A lot of people confuse them for flying ants but termites in their adult stages of life grow wings and fly from their colony in search of new wood or lumber to eat as well as to mate. But you can also prevent them from.

Termite control technically swarmers are harmless. Flying termites can be seen in your garden or around your home. Regardless of what their wood preferences are flying termites.

Depending on the species flying termites can range in size from 1 4 to 3 8 of an inch. Such alates fly out from their current colonies to. Flying termites termites with wings homeowners often first become aware of termite infestation due to the presence of flying termites.

Thus these pests usually enter your home s foundation. What does a flying termite look like. Herein find more on how swarmers look like with pictures the swarmers season and how to get rid of them.

They are not the ones who directly destroy your wood structure. Termites with wings do fly. These groups of termites with wings are often referred to as termite swarmers.

Termite colonies tend to mature in 3 to 6 years and then start producing female and male alates or flying termites or reproductive stage termites. Flying termites are one of the most damaging pests found in houses. As early as 1934 suggestions were made that they were closely related to wood eating cockroaches genus cryptocercus the woodroach based on the similarity of their symbiotic gut flagellates.

In most cases they are an indicator that there are termite colonies around your home. Generally flying termites appear in the same beige tan color as the other termite castes. In the 1960s.

When they are looking for food they tend to invade softwoods and other kinds of woods. Learn what to do if you see these near your home. Subterranean termites which are the most common type of termite in the united states are.

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