Flying Termites Hawaii

Hawaii has 8 species of termites all non native.

Flying termites hawaii. Flying termites sign of trouble if you are able to detect flying termites in the vicinity of your home then it is almost sure that there is a termite infestation within your home. West indian drywood termites and the dreaded formosan subterranean termite. Flying termites like virtually all insects are attracted to light to invest in a bug zapper.

If your flying termites have confined themselves to activity on the outside of your home you ve got several options to get rid of them. Porch lights indoor lights and video monitors often lure the alates inside especially when doors and unscreened windows are opened. Their presence shows that there are termite colonies nearby.

Termites in hawaii can swarm during any of the warm months but april really marks the beginning of the annual termite swarming season. Clouds of swarming winged reproductives are attracted to lights on warm humid and still evenings. The winged termite is the reproductive termite and during swarming season is the termite responsible for flying out mating and establishing new termite colonies.

Customers often ask how to tell which one they have infesting their home or commercial building. As hawaii property owners it s important to recognize the signs of a termite infestation and take the necessary precautions to avoid letting termites making your home their next nest. Cooperative extension service household and structural pests feb.

Thus now we will tell you some of the signs that will make you identify these small flying. For the public about termites termites are highly social insects with one of the most sophisticated family structures in the animal kingdom. There are approximately 2 700 species of termites found worldwide.

Hawaii has two major termite species that we normally see. You can also mistake it with flying ants and other creepy flies. Hawaii termite season usually lasts from spring to fall but it s not uncommon to see termite swarmers in the winter seasons as well.

Dampwood termites are relatively strong fliers and like most nocturnal flying insects are attracted to lights. These swarm ers are often. Termites are grouped into three caste groups the worker termite the soldier termite and the most likely to be seen by a home owner the alate or winged termite also called swarmer termites.

Top 10 honolulu termite prevention tips make sure all brush wood.

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