Flying Termites Australia

Flying termites an airborne threat to your home posted on november 22 2017 as the season changes from winter into spring and summer and the humidity levels begin to rise so does the increase risk of a termite infestation within your home.

Flying termites australia. Subterranean termites live in widely diverse areas. Flying termites are commonly confused with flying ants because they re about the same size and have four wings. Posted on jul 11 2013 under termites this article consists of pictures videos and information you need to know about alate termites or commonly known as flying termites in sydney australia.

It may mean that somewhere near your property or worse on your property. Unfortunately confusing the two is easy. Flying termites are one of the clearest signs of a termite problem and they could mean trouble to you and your home.

Australia flying ants flying termites termite life cycle leave a comment the days are getting longer and the low temperatures of the winter months are slowly fading away which means one thing spring is finally here. Dampwood termites are found only in coniferous forests and drywood termites are found in hardwood forests. The difference between flying ants and termite swarmers february 3 2012 one major confusing when comparing ants and termites is the issue of winged flying ants and winged termite swarmers.

Termite swarmers are young king and queen termites. Flying termites in sydney australia. However when winged termites emerge from the nest to take flight all of a sudden you are presented with a very obvious and not at all subtle sign of termites.

If you don t realise you ve got flying termites in your home you re giving them a free kick when it comes to gaining a foothold. Experts are always telling us how difficult it is to tell if you have termites. With rains and colder weather hitting australia this winter flying termites are a real threat to every homeowner.

As you know seeing termites in or around your property isn t a good thing.

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