Essential Oil Spray For Cockroaches

You can mix a cup of water with 25 drops of mint oil stirring evenly.

Essential oil spray for cockroaches. Add 25 drops of mint essential oil in 1 cup of water. All the ingredients in this natural roach repellent recipe act as a roach repellent on its own so when they are all mixed it becomes too overwhelming for cockroaches. Could peppermint essential oil be an effective natural way to get rid of cockroaches.

Thus citrus oil is a very potent essential oil that repels roaches naturally. You need to add twenty five drops of mint essential oil and mix it with tea tree oil mint bay leaves and cucumbers. Research has also shown.

This stuff is strong and you ll only need to mix a few drops with water and spray it around the cockroaches hotspots to repel them. Repeat once a week. In case if you want to use peppermint oil to repel cockroaches then you need undiluted peppermint oil.

Put the solution a spray bottle. To make a homemade essential oil based insecticide and repellent add 1 to 2 ounces of oil in a spray bottle filled with 12 to 16 ounces of water and mix well. Spray under kitchen cabinets cracks hard to reach areas and doors.

Put in a spray bottle and spray on all parts of the house where cockroaches live. Mint oil is one of the calamities for roaches. How do you know which essential oil is right and how do you even use it.

You can use this essential oil blend to get rid of cockroaches naturally on your diffuser or on a spray bottle with 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water. The natural oils found in some plants including mint oil and clove oil may be able to both kill and repel cockroaches. Mix a few drops of citrus oil into 1 liter of water.

Eucalyptus essential oil has a fresh fragrance that surprisingly seems to confuse or alarm cockroaches. If you ve seen one cockroach or signs of a few hanging around your home you re probably looking for an easy natural solution to deal with them before you start calling the local pest control service. Commercial insecticides that contain essential oils as an active ingredient are available.

Peppermint oil has proved to be one of the best essential oil for roach control. Put in a spray bottle and do spraying on all parts of the house and corner of your home and directly on roaches. When you re choosing an essential oil to repel or kill cockroaches you need to make sure you pick one that s effective.

Dg cedar oil for indoor pest control spray check price cedar oil. A little amount of this essential oil with vinegar listerine or water seems to work perfectly against roaches.

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